Fiber Optics

Career Highway

Mile 1

Communication Pathway Series (CPS)

C-Tech’s CPS programs are designed to give students a thorough discovery of the Fiber Optics field. These programs provide an understanding of the science of light and how it can be manipulated. This course begins with 3 ten-hour programs.

Total Hours


  1. Spectacular Spectrum
  2. Light Voyagers
  3. Expedition Fiber
Mile 2

Career and Technical Exploration Series (C-TEx)

C-TEx is designed to give students an intermediate understanding of Fiber Optics. In this program, students experience an exploration of the Fiber Optics career field. Building upon the CPS courses, students are engaged in deeper learning concepts throughout this program.

Total Hours


  1. Exploring Light Communications
Mile 3

Preparation & Certification Series

This is the applied section of the Fiber Optics Career Highway. In this stage, students are taught career-oriented skills. At the end of this section, students will be certified in several Connectivity Trades and ready to enter the workforce or education.

Total Hours


  1. Introduction to Telecommunications
  2. Copper Cabling
  3. Fiber Optics Cabling
Exit 1

Fiber Optics Certified

At this point the students are certified in several Connectivity Trades and ready for the workforce. They are able to “exit the highway” and pursue a career path. They also have the option of “staying on the highway” and earning advanced certifications.

Career Opportunities

  • Fiber Optics Cable Installer
  • Fiber Optics Splicing
  • Fiber Optics Production Technician
Mile 4

Advanced Certification

Students choosing to stay on the highway are able to get advanced certifications that give them access to more career choices and higher-paying salaries.


  1. Audio / Video Systems
  2. Energy Management Systems
  3. Connecting to Business
Exit 2

Career Advancement

Students who continued on the Fiber Optics Career Highway to this point are certified with advanced certifications. They are ready to enter the workforce at a higher competency level. These advanced skill sets provide higher value to the students and employers.

Career Opportunities

  • Fiber Optics Application Engineer
  • Fiber Optics Test Engineer
  • Fiber Optics System Planner
  • Fiber Optics Network Operator

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