Career and Technical Exploration Series (C-TEx)

C-Tech | Preparing Students for Certified Training Programs

Career and Technical Exploration Series (C-TEx)

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Public School Districts
Tech Centers / Workforce
Correctional Facilities & Juvenile Justice
Community / Faith-Based Organizations

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C-TEx Programs

The Career and Technical Exploration Series (C-TEx) is designed to give students an intermediate understanding of information technology, fiber optics, and green technology.

The C-TEx series was designed specifically for the world of Career and Technical Education. Through authentic devices and real world scenarios, students will explore and investigate a career pathway. These courses focus on tool identification and use, safety in the workplace, and employability skills.

  • Exploring Green Energy – This program teaches students need-to-know topics of energy usage in today’s world. Through this course students will formulate energy-saving solutions to solve real world energy issues.
  • Exploring Information Technology – This course was designed to prepare students for any one of the three major pathways to a career in Information Technology.

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