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CPS Communications Pathways Series

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The C-Tech Communications Pathways Series™ is your students’ ticket to explore the fascinating realms of Science and Technology. Each program uses the world of telecommunications—a world they live in every day—to show how science and technology form the backdrop of our lives. The programs employ other core disciplines to provide students a cross-curricular experience. The seven CPS programs are:

  • Telecom Evolution – This course provides students with an understanding of telecommunications and how it works.
  • Mission: Breakout – The focus of this course is on the physical code of telecommunications with regards to configuration and arranging elements in their proper sequence.
  • Connectivity Conquest – Basic concepts of home communication systems are taught in this course, with an emphasis on real world applications.
  • Expedition: Fiber – Through this course students analyze the role of light communications, from heliographs to modern fiber optics cable.
  • Spectacular Spectrum – This course provides the starting point for activities and experiments involving the science of light, scientific notation, the scientific method and the science of optics.
  • Light Voyagers – Through project-based learning activities students learn to manipulate light to measure reflection, dispersion and calculate angels of incidence.
  • Green Technology Systems – This course is designed to teach students about environmental responsibilities and familiarize them with Green Technology.

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