What do returning citizens need most to get back on their feet?  Access to a job, and not just any job but one that has high starting salary, prevalent jobs opening and the potential to become a true career pathway.  For many students this begins with career exploration to determine which job roles will be a match with their interests.  Their journey doesn’t end there though, sourcing a job, interviewing and getting hired can be a difficult and scary endeavor, especially for those returning after lengthy sentences.  This is why C-Tech has designed programs specifically for use in a correctional setting.  C-Tech offers a wide variety of program options, from building foundational math and science skill sets in preparation for HSE/TABE exams to hands-on training programs that provide students with Industry Recognized Certifications and Industry Based Continuing Education Credits, C-Tech has it all!

C-Tech’s involvement in Correctional Education was first established almost 25 years ago.  Early on, C-Tech recognized the need for quality workforce training programs specifically designed for returning citizens.  To date, we have created a network of over 150 correctional certified training facilities across the country, who have issued over 42,000 Industry Recognized Certifications to re-entry students.  C-Tech’s programs have shown a strong correlation to recidivism reduction in multiple areas.

During a recent visit with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, a story was uncovered regarding the Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center and five students gearing up for their Telecommunications Technology exam.

Interested to hear more?  Read the full story here. 

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