When thinking about telecommunications occupations, many think about Copper and Fiber cabling. As technology continues to progress, wireless systems and the Internet of Things (I.o.T) have opened more potential opportunities for telecommunication workers. I.o.T devices like Ring doorbells, Nest’s, August SmartLock Pro, Smart Refrigerators, and Linka’s Smark Bike Lock are all examples of smart devices that were not around even ten years ago. Mentioning devices like these back then would’ve been laughable to the average person! There are now endless career opportunities for technicians in telecommunications as the I.o.T and devices continue to grow.

The Internet of Things has dramatically affected all industries, especially the healthcare industry, causing the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). IoMT devices will forever change the industry for common users as well as those that work within healthcare. Instead of doctors relying on patients to provide them information, IoMT devices will give healthcare providers an incredible insight into what is occurring based on the individuals’ lifestyle and health. Whether you are looking for a Fitbit to track your wellness during exercising, smart scales to follow how your weight changes and why it changed based on what you ate, or a diabetic’s smart blood glucose tester, these devices can be found everywhere. In order to work correctly, the necessary network infrastructure needs to be in place, which will only happen by adding skilled workers to the telecommunications industry.

If you would like to discuss the Internet of Things further or have questions about how we prepare individuals for I.o.T through our programs, please contact C-Tech’s Marketing Manager, Ryan Tiefenbacher at ryant@c-techtraining.com 

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