Sun and warm weather on the Texas Gulf coast welcomed this year’s Texas SkillsUSA contestants to the new “Internet of Things and Smart Home” competition.  IoT and Smart Home is the new name for what was the “Residential Installation and Maintenance” contest.  The new contest reflects the current state of in-demand home connectivity technologies and the competition objectives include Networking, Connectivity, Wireless Systems, Home Theater, Security and Environmental Controls – all of the concepts and applications contained in C-Tech’s programs.  One part of the competition showcased our new “Wireless Systems: Coverage and Capacity” program.  Students from all corners of Texas were evaluated on their ability to install, connect, test and evaluate antenna and remote units and verify wireless system operations.


The contestants were total professionals, they were prepared, technically trained and It was a pleasure to work with and evaluate them on the wide range of IoT technologies.  These contestants, as well as all of our certified graduates, are prepared for exciting careers as the demand for these skills is predicted to grow exponentially far into the future.  For the Texas winner – Go Get ‘Em in Louisville!!

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