Did you know that C-Tech offers Continuing education credits from BICSI and continuing education units from CEDIA?

In addition to receiving an Industry Recognized Certification, students who successfully complete a C-Tech course will also be issued Continuing Education Credits from BICSI and Continuing Education Units CEDIA. BICSI is the worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals. CEDIA is the international trade association representing every facet of the ever-evolving technology market. Students can utilize these CECs and CEUs to transform a job into a complete career pathway.


CEDIA is an International Group of many types of companies that design, promote and provide technology to the connected Smart Home.  They provide training through member companies and also provide their own certifications related to integrated residential technologies.

They provide both foundational and advanced training designed for those working in the industry.  Our Programs support the 20 CEU requirement that certified graduates need to maintain certification.

C-Tech Programs and CEU’s

Program Name Course Number CEU Value
Introduction to Home Entertainment Audio/Visual Systems 652 8
Introduction to Network Cabling Copper-Based Systems 653 12
Introduction to Network Cabling Fiber Optic-Based Systems 654 8
Ground/Bonding and Copper Connectivity Systems 655 5
Introduction to Telephone Systems and VoIP 656 12
Introduction to Energy Management Systems 657 12
Introduction to Telecommunications 658 12
Exploring Information Technology 659 20

When students apply for CEDIA CEUs with our certifications.  Student can report their attendance here.

A person who has one of the three advanced CEDIA certifications (ESC-T, ESC-N, ESC-D) is required to obtain at least 30 CEUs within 3 years and up to 20 of these can come from non-CEDIA training.

The ESC-T Certification is for individuals who are well versed in all rough-in and trim-out tasks as well as retrofit installation, component installation and troubleshooting

The ESC-D Certification is for an individual who communicates with clients as well as design and installation professionals. Versed in integrated residential systems, including alarm, telephone, data, audio, video, home theater, HVAC, and lighting control.

The ESC-N Certification is for an individual who has mastery of designing, installing and configuring a network in the home


BICSI is an industry credentialing body that consists of many telecommunications companies and manufactures.  C-Tech programs are aligned to BICSI learning objectives among other objectives including industry standards and common core.  BICSI Credential Programs include a variety of programs and each requires periodic continuing education requirements.  In addition, our graduates (copper and fiber) are prepared to start as a level 1 installer and begin installation careers.

BICSI Credentials

Level 1 Installer        

No time on the job requirement, pass the BICSI level 1 test.   Graduates of both our copper and fiber program are prepared to take and pass this examination.

Level 2 Installer

Three years on the job as a Level 1 installer, pass the level 2 exam and 15 BICSI CECs

BICSI Technician
Seven years as a level 2 installer passes the technician exam and 18 BICSI CECs during the three-year credential period.

Our programs also provide CECs for more advanced BICSI credentials.

RCDD            Registered Communications Distribution Designer

RTPM            Registered Telecommunication Project Manager

DCDC            Data Center Design Consultant

ESS               Electronic Safety and Security Designer

OSP              Outside Plant Designer

C-Tech Programs and CEC’s

Program Name CEC Value
Introduction to Telecommunications 30
Introduction to Network Cabling Copper-Based Systems 29
Introduction to Network Cabling Fiber Optic-Based Systems 21
Introduction to Home Entertainment Audio/Video Systems 17
Introduction to Telephone and VoIP Systems 29
Introduction to Energy Management Systems 37
ASI Grounding/Bonding and Copper Connectivity 13
C-TEx Exploring Information Technology 26

Search C-Tech and the CECs are provided for each of our programs here.

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