February is Career and Technical Education Month! CTE offers a wide range of learning opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds and is at the heart of what we believe in here at C-Tech. CTE provides students with the tools they need for a successful career and academic future and the essential soft skills required in today’s workplace, such as critical thinking, communication, teamwork, research tools, creativity, and innovation.

Another bonus? CTE students have a 10% higher graduation rate than non-CTE students and students with CTE backgrounds are proven to be more successful in their future careers.

Students who take time during high school to explore future careers begin to see their education in a new light, seeing its relevance to their lives.

According to EdWeek, When asked for the most effective strategies for jump-starting students’ motivation, more than half of educators—54 percent—cited hands-on opportunities, including internships.

Students agree! 87% say that they feel more motivated in class when they see a direct connection between the class material and skills they could use in their careers.

Here’s what one C-Tech student had said about their CTE experience with our programs:

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